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Forge World Raven Guard

Five more marines to fill out my first squad of ten MK VI Tactical marines! Assembled from the Forge World MkVI Corvus Armour. This was a project of a couple firsts. This was the first time I drilled out the barrels of the boltguns, and I am happy with how that process went. The other first was that applying transfers, and I am quite happy with how they add to the models. I did however use Lahmian Medium over the top to seal them down, and it dried a bit chalky, so I’m going to use something else in the future.

They were primed with Chaos Black spray, and painted with the following paints from Citadel

  • Eshin Grey
  • Nuln Oil
  • Dawnstone
  • Celestra Grey
  • Leadbelcher
  • Khorne Red
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Warp Lightning
  • Warplock Bronze

The bases are done in the same style as all my other Raven Guard: Astrogranite with a dry brush of Celestra Grey.

Here are a couple more angles



And one with the whole squad!


Last modified on 2021-04-08